U-32 Booster Club

Who are the Boosters?

U-32 Booster Mission

The U-32 Booster Club is a non-profit organization of student and community volunteers.   It is the mission of the U-32 Booster Club to distribute raised funds in the form of academic scholarships and grants in order to financially supplement curricular and/or co-curricular  programs at U-32. It is in our efforts to promote school spirit in order to enrich the experience and culture throughout ​the U-32 community.
What kinds of things does the Booster Club do?  ​ 
  • Awards college scholarships
  • Awards school-wide grants
  • Organizes fall, winter and spring sports banquets for our athletes
  • Volunteers time running our concessions stands at various events
  • Sells merchandise and apparel
  • Boosts school spirit with events, such as fireworks and bonfires

How can you help?
We welcome new ideas and new members!
Please contact us if you wish to volunteer.

Thank you for supporting U-32 Students!!